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5 Stars


The bad:

some nights a raccoon would dance on my roof.

 The good: Matt came out the same day to survey the roof. He did not find any entry point in the attic, but quickly found signs of raccoon activity around my house. He setup two traps. The next morning (Saturday) a raccoon was inside the trap. He promptly came to retrieve the animal for release in a different area. Set the trap again and the next morning a massive male was caught. He promptly came to retrieve even though it was on a Sunday and it was Christmas. He was prompt, competent and respectful. 

I would certainly recommend his services.

Eugenio V. Newport Beach, CA 12/29/2016


5 Stars!
Called and was able to get scheduled the same day and Jordan their technician came over within an hour!  Great great service have no complaints, Jordan knew what he was talking about jumped up on the roof and told me where the rat was coming in and out.  Prices were very reasonable especially compared to other exterminators/pest control companies.  This company also has a Yelp deal which I purchased so that already was a bonus and saved me some money.  I'd recommend this company to any of you looking to get rid of that pest.    Thanks again guys!
- South Bay Real Estate S. - Torrance, CA - 3/20/14

5 Stars!
Did what needed to get done!  They had to come out a number of times to check traps, etc but continued to do so with the same level of courtesy and professionalism as the very first visit.  I hope i don't get another animal that tries to burrow under the property but if i do, i know who i'll be calling!
- M Y. - Redondo Beach, CA - 5/1/14

5 Stars!
They were great. Came out same day, caught our raccoon  first night. Very nice and quick to respond.
- Jade C. - Hollywood - 2/25/14

5 Stars!
We heard thumps, scrapes, and walking sounds at 5:00 am every morning coming from the attic.  It was really unnerving!
I called Steve who came the same day.  He did a thorough check of our house, climbed up into the attic looked all outside and went on top of the roof and found hair and droppings from raccoons.  
He was honest and told us that it just looked like they were outside (he could have charged us to place traps), and said if the noise was bothering us too much he would return at no charge to place outside traps.
All in all he was really nice and did a thorough job!
- Gillian S. - Lakewood, CA - 10/18/11

5 Stars!
Let me just say how lucky I feel that I found Steve.

After finding a skunk living under our house I called another trapping company which ultimately was a scam. He was all about the money and not  fixing our problem. After paying him to help catch the skunk it was hard to get him back to the house to finish the work. So, I had to do more research and find someone else to come help us.

I found Steve on yelp and many of the other customers had nothing but great things to say about him. After researching more trappers I felt like he was the best one to go with. He was very through and Cared about our safety. And need I mention, the lowest price out of all the other trappers.

After, doing a detailed inspection around our house, he made sure all of our vents under the house were properly sealed and closed off to prevent any other pests from  trying to make a home underneath our house (and didn't charge us). We gave him a big tip just because we were so happy to work with him compared to these other predatory trappers!

I would recommend him to anyone and I plan on using him in the future, if need be. Nice guy and not out to break your bank.
- J D. - Torrance, CA - 5/21/14

5 Stars!
Had a problem with a raccoon, which was tearing up my back yard.  Called several trapping companies, and Animal Boy was the only one which answered their phone or bothered to return messages.  They quickly came out and set traps while I was an work, and caught the raccoon that evening.  Great customer service and very responsive.  Would not hesitate to use again.
- M N. - Northridge, CA - 11/16/13

5 Stars!
steve was awesome. we had several possums living under our back cabin stinking up the joint and keeping our guests awake with their snoring and farting. i had no way of getting underneath the house so i called steve who brought traps which i kept outside their entrance for days, catching probably 11 possums and 2 skunks in total, releasing all of them in a nearby park. after i got the mother and made sure they were gone for a couple days i had steve come back, collect his traps and close up all the openings not only around the cabin but our entire house to eliminate any possibility of this happening again in the future.
steve is also just kind of a pirate. you don't meet many dudes like him.
he really cares about having a pleased client, which isn't so piratey, but he's piratey in all the ways that you'd want in a dude that's hanging around your house.
- gator I. - Los Angeles - 11/25/11

5 Stars!
Steve is the BEST!!!
I had two raccoons living under our house and I emailed on Saturday night.  He replied right next day (Sunday)...!!!
This is my first review writing on yelp.  His service made me to write this review.
He knows what he is doing...  Not only that he is very honest, hard working, and most of all... reasonable price.  Thank you and if I have another family of raccoon decide to move in to our house (HOPE NOT), I will definitelycall you....
- A. Y. - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - 7/23/12